5 Reasons why you should visit and have a chat with eTalent at the IHRE 19 Summit

April 14, 2023

The IHRE19 Summit in Birmingham on 15 October provides In House Recruitment Teams a platform to network with their peers, find support to achieving their objectives and see what‘s new in recruitment and the tools that are available to help them save time.

This year we will be attending to provide information and advice on how The Power of Psychometrics can enable you to make step changes in how you select applicants for interview with the aid of low-cost targeted psychometrics introduced at the application stage.

If you’re heading along and are wondering whether you should visit our stand here are just a few of the improvements eTalent can introduce to your recruitment process:

1. Structure Your Team to Achieve Success – By introducing The Power of Psychometrics to your recruitment process outcomes can be tailored to underpin the values and objectives of your organisation, whatever the scale or role. Our targeted psychometrics can assist you by identifying the candidates who most closely fit your business needs, all of this in real time.

2. Save your business time and resource – you will no longer have to skim and assess CV’s. Our software qualifies every applicant and ranks them based on the personality traits you will have selected for the role, and also illustrates the behavioural profile of candidates. Academic studies have concluded that personality and behaviour are the key factors which determine success in a role and in a team.

3.  Improve staff retention – Interview only the candidates who fit the needs of the role you are filling. By selecting the most suitable candidates to succeed in the role you will improve staff retention by ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders are met – the candidate, colleagues, managers and customers.

4. Reduce costs and increase productivity – Have you quantified the real cost of recruitment in man hours and finance. We can assess your process through joint consultation to identify what works and what may benefit from a revised approach. E.g. eTalent has highly competitive preferential rates for posting your jobs on multiple national job boards. Our targeted psychometric testing is unique and can normally be integrated with existing ATS software.

5. Make life easy – eTalent is cloud based, intuitive software. With limited training you can be operational in hours, assessing your candidates online with real time results. We provide initial training at fixed low cost, and we are available to provide additional assistance without the worry of excessive consultancy costs. Our automatically created candidate dossiers act as full interview preparation for managers and supervisors with suggested interview questions for each selected job trait.  eTalent is GDPR compliant and  eliminates legislative concerns on candidate confidentiality.

If you believe your recruitment process can be improved and would like to share your views, come along and say hello to Nik, Ray and Mike on Stand 27.