Bringing The Power Of Psychometrics To Your Recruitment Process

Every recruiter wants to find people who best suit the job and the team with less churn, costs and stress.

For years we've sifted through CVs – sometimes hundreds per vacancy – trying to find that golden candidate. But have you ever had that nagging doubt that you might have missed out? Or worse, realised in hindsight that the person you hired bears little resemblance to their CV?

eTalent is here to help – our unique online psychometric testing makes recruitment easier, saves you time and ensures that you get to see the best candidates for the role.

With our dedicated recruiting tool, you'll generate more productivity and create happy teams that last.

eTalent removes the stress and effort of recruitment:

Save valuable time

Creating and posting job ads, sifting through CVs, producing shortlists and screening candidates all takes valuable time and lots of effort. eTalent takes this pressure away from you, screening every application and automatically identifying the best and most appropriate candidates.

Get to know the real candidate

Our unique psychometric screening reveals the truth behind the CV; it’s a combination of personality assessment and behavioural profiling that delivers genuine insights into the candidate’s personality strengths as well as their work ethic and workplace behaviour.

Eliminate Human Error

Faced with an inevitable deluge of applications for every role you advertise, it’s only natural that things get missed and mistakes are made. eTalent removes human error from the recruitment process by screening, evaluating and ranking all the applications in seconds, so you’ll be able to accurately predict the candidates’ behaviour in the workplace.

More than clever software

Recruitment is a people business and we will work closely with you to ensure you get everything you expect – and more – from the eTalent system. We have decades of experience in recruitment and we’ll be your trusted advisors throughout the process.

The Power of Psychometrics

The Power Of Psychometrics

Psychometric testing can tell you much more about a candidate than an outdated and often untruthful CV.

Your candidates will complete a tailored online assessment explicitly designed for your vacancy with our unique approach. Our normative testing process incorporates several important aspects formulated to decipher qualified candidates, including personality testing and behaviour profiling.

Our software then evaluates each result. This allows our recruiting system to remove unsuitable applicants and generate an ordered ranking of the candidates who best meet your criteria. It even tells you how truthful a candidate has been in their responses.

eTalent works with virtually any role in any industry, so why not give it a try today?

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The Best Tool For Your Job

When searching for the right candidate to fill a vacancy it’s tempting to focus on age, experience and qualifications; however, these factors are not always the best predictors of a successful outcome.

Interviews can often sway a recruiter to the candidate they liked the best, rather than the candidate who is the right fit for the job. 

Improving your ability to pick the best candidate means higher staff retention and less time spent recruiting - do it right the first time with eTalent.

Pay monthly to access 24/7, 365 days a year.
The perfect recruitment tool for busy recruiters.

For a fixed monthly fee you will get access to the eTalent portal, where you can manage all ongoing and future recruitment – with our easy-to-use dashboard you’ll always stay on top of recruitment.


Your branded portal

All your job vacancies appear on your own company branded portal, designed to match your brand’s identity for a seamless experience. Candidates complete applications via the portal keeping all the information in one secure, and GDPR-compliant, place. Managing vacancies is easy with pre-set job roles to choose from.

Test & Track

Every applicant is evaluated using psychometric testing and tracked via the applicant tracking system. Qualification questions filter out anyone who doesn’t meet your minimum qualification criteria, putting them to the bottom of the list. You can see at a glance which candidates are best for the role.

Review the best

Log in to your profile to view an ordered list of candidates with an individual score making it easy to select the best candidates for interview. Rejecting the rest is easy, using auto rejection functionality to send out rejection emails.

For all shapes and sizes of Businesses

For All Shapes And Sizes Of Businesses

If you think psychometric testing is just for big businesses with in house HR teams, think again! 

We’ve worked closely with a broad range of SMEs to adapt our offering and develop an innovative one-stop recruitment solution. For a flat rate of £495 per vacancy, eTalent will take care of the whole process for you - from advertising the role to showing you your best candidates. Leaving you free to do what you do best – run your business!

Start benefitting from the recruitment superpowers of eTalent today!