About Us

eTalent was founded in 2009 to give businesses access to an effective recruitment tool which includes personality and behavioural profiling.

Nik Plevan, Founder and Managing Director, worked in the recruitment industry for 20 years and knows the pitfalls of hiring a recruitment agency or recruiting in-house. eTalent was created as a solution to avoid those pitfalls and make recruitment easy, simple and affordable.

eTalent was created to:

  1. Identify the most suitable people, as early in the recruitment process as possible
  2. Cut out time wasted screening CVs
  3. Reduce the number of unproductive interviews.

Save time

Creating and posting job ads, sifting through CV’s, producing short-lists and screening candidates all takes time. eTalent saves you time by screening every application and automatically short-listing the best and most appropriate candidates.

Assess personality & behaviour

What makes eTalent unique is its combination of personality assessment and behavioural profiling delivering real insight into the candidate’s personality strengths as well as their work ethic and workplace behaviour. One of our core drivers for creating eTalent was to provide a tool that would enable employers to find out their candidate’s true nature before offering them a job.

Eliminate Human Error

Human error is often an inherent part of the recruitment process, but it can be minimised. Many employers don’t realise that they are naturally drawn to people they like or have a connection with. This is natural but they may not be the right candidate for the job.

eTalent removes human error from the recruitment process. eTalent screens, evaluates and ranks hundreds of applications in seconds and allows you to predict your candidates’ behaviour in the workplace. With eTalent, you know so much more about your candidates before you interview them, and you know you are interviewing and employing the right people.

Customer service

eTalent is more than just a piece of online software. Recruitment is a people business and we will work closely with you to ensure you get everything you expect – and more – from the eTalent system.

Contact us now so you can start recruiting the right people.