An ATS Which Qualifies Candidates

April 14, 2023

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which enable companies to manage their recruitment needs electronically and without the need for piles of outdated paper, are forever growing, and few recruitment departments are without at least some form of one. By ensuring that candidates apply on line and that everything is stored in one central location, ATS’s give you better control of your recruitment; you can track the progress of candidates and reject or invite them for interview with the click of button. However, with many ATS’s, reviewing candidates is still a time-consuming process that involves sieving through dozens of applications from unsuitable candidates to find the few suitable ones, but with e-Talent it is quick and easy to identify those with most potential. How e-Talent differs               e-Talent’s ATS doesn’t just manage your recruitment, it identifies candidates’ skills and experience, assesses their personality and evaluates their work-place behaviour, and all before you have had to look at a single application. Right at the start of the process, candidates complete a qualification questionnaire, designed specifically to look for the skills and experience you require. It is, therefore, obvious from the offset whether a candidate meets your minimum criteria; those that do are shortlisted, and those that don’t are sent an automated rejection email without you even having to click a button. However, e-Talent knows that skills and experience are only half the battle when looking for new employees. Personality and how new employees will fit into, and behave, in your company are just as important, if not more so. To account for this, e-Talent’s ATS goes one step further and is unique in that it includes psychometric and behavioural testing. The tests are fully customisable and again designed specifically to focus on the personality and behavioural traits that are important to you; one personality type does not fit all companies and job roles. e-Talent really does do the hard work for you, but you can’t get away with doing nothing as it is up to you to decide who to interview. This would usually involve sorting through a large pile of CVs or a large list of candidates in an ATS, but because e-Talent qualifies candidates for you, you only need to look at those with real potential. All shortlisted candidates are presented clearly in one location and assigned a percentage suitability score based on their psychometric test results. The highest-ranking candidates, and therefore, those most suited to your role are listed first. From here you can access all candidate information, including the full psychometric and behavioural testing report. You can also quickly see who has been contacted and who hasn’t, what response they received, and any comments from colleagues. Making successful recruitment decisions can make a huge difference to your company. It can increase productivity, employee retention and even team morale. CV’s seldom provide the information you need, and they can be embellished and time consuming to review. e-Talent takes this stress away, and instead extracts all information and evaluates all factors together to help you determine not just whether someone has the skills and experience but also whether they are a good fit for your company.