Why E-Talent Can Help Whether You Have One Vacancy Or Hundreds

Every company is unique and as such so are recruitment requirements, with some companies advertising one vacancy every so often and others looking to fill multiple positions regularly. One size does not fit all and choosing the wrong recruitment option can work out very expensive. It’s thus important to calculate what’s most cost-effective for you and your company. The problem with recruitment agencies While recruitment agencies are great for taking the stress out of hiring, they can be very expensive. How much you pay varies substantially depending on a range of factors including the position you’re trying to fill - higher paid, harder to find roles will likely cost more – location and even industry. Annual salary, how many positions you are hoping to fill and whether you are looking to hire temporary or permanent employees also contribute to the confusion. Normally, however, agencies take a percentage of the annual salary, which can be anything from 10 to 20% and or even up to 30% depending on what position you are hiring for. Broken down simply, that means if you are recruiting for a role with an annual salary of £20,000 and have agreed on a cut of 15%, you’ll pay £3,000 to fill just that vacancy – it can get pricey quickly. But there are other ways, e-Talent, for example, offer cost-effective recruitment options to suit everyone whether looking to fill one vacancy or multiple – read on to find out how much you could save. One-off vacancies If you are hiring less than four members of staff a year, you can opt for e-Talent’s single hire option. For a flat fee of £600, it’s far cheaper than recruitment agencies, and it includes advertising on ten job boards as well as full access to e-Talent’s personalised recruitment portal. Furthermore, e-Talent’s unique system means the chance of you finding an employee that works well in your team and wants to stay with you for the long-term increases substantially. Applicants log directly into e-Talent’s portal, which is designed in your branding, and apply by filling in the application form, which includes not only skills and experience but also psychometric and behaviour tests. All questions are tailored to your company and role, meaning you find out exactly what you need to know without having to sieve through irrelevant information and candidates are assessed for suitability and fit. All results are displayed in the portal, so you can quickly see who is worth reviewing before delving into the details. It really will save you time, money and enable you to keep your sanity – no more wading through piles of CVs! Multiple vacancies Hiring multiple employees through a recruitment agency gets expensive quickly, but with e-Talent’s unlimited use package, you don’t pay per hire; monthly prices depend on company size. That means for a fixed monthly fee you get permanent access to your personalised, branded portal, all the benefits explained in the previous section and the freedom to hire as many new employees as you need. Recruitment shouldn’t be the responsibility of just one person though, so you also benefit from multiple log-ins; as many employees as you like can log-in and manage or review candidates, making discussions and comparisons easy. For a company of <50 employees, you can get all of this for as little as £100 a month, which equates to £1,200 a year and is likely cheaper than hiring just one candidate through a recruitment agency - it’s well worth investigating. Visit our website to find out more or give us a call to chat through your recruitment requirements; we’re happy to help!