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Recruiting Staff in a Post-COVID World

By Nik Plevan 

It could be argued that COVID-19 will have a greater effect on the economy and how we live and work than any previous disasters including both World Wars. Nature has dealt a blow that almost no manmade catastrophe could match; it crosses borders unseen and we still do not know its true source, and may never know if we have a lasting remedy. 

“We didn’t realise that there was an/off switch for the economy” 
– Jim Hackett, CEO Ford Motor Co 

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5 Reasons why you should visit and have a chat with eTalent at the IHRE 19 Summit

The IHRE19 Summit in Birmingham on 15 October provides In House Recruitment Teams a platform to network with their peers, find support to achieving their objectives and see what‘s new in recruitment and the tools that are available to help them save time. 

This year we will be attending to provide information and advice on how The Power of Psychometrics can enable you to make step changes in how you select applicants for interview with the aid of low-cost targeted psychometrics introduced at the application stage.  

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7 reasons why there’s more to recruiting than CVs

Everyone has wrote or read a CV at one point in their career but they may not be the 'be all and end all' when it comes to recruiting for your business.

Read on to find out why......

1. Reading CV’s is a time consuming process

Even if you have a ‘system’ to identify ‘suitable candidates’, having to read lengthy and inconsistently presented CVs from multiple applicants is very lengthy and frustrating ... and them you often have to go back and compare them.

2. The often contains errors and half-truths

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Meet The Team

eTalent is small but growing fast. 

Our team is committed to our product and its capabilities and they want the world to know about it. 

We thought we would start by telling you a bit about each team member.

Meet Nik

Nik, tell us about your role in the business:
I guess there's no other way to put this – I'm the boss! But, I am also in charge of R&D and International Business Development – that's managing our international expansion. I also like to keep in touch with all of our customers to make sure they are happy.

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Bring your Recruitment Process Up To Date with E-Talent

Psychometric Tests are an important part of any modern recruitment process. They are designed to help employers find out more about potential employees than they would ever learn from a CV, in a reliable and impartial manner.

They can be used by any company to test the intelligence, skills and personality of a candidate to see if they are a good fit for a job. Tests will also save you or your HR team having to read every CV you receive, you can simply read the ones that score best in testing.

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Learning about our Products

The newest member of our team became a ‘guinea pig’ this week and tried one of our psychometric tests to get a better understanding of how eTalent works.

She said:
‘I’ve never taken a psychometric test before and had little idea of what to expect.’

The test was true to her role and was taken under real conditions, asking questions about personal traits, likes and how you think others perceive you.

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4 Reasons to Avoid Using DISC as a Recruitment Tool

Are you currently using - or thinking about using - DISC as a recruitment tool?

For businesses where high staff turnover is the norm, I'm sure you know that recruitment - where selecting the best candidates quickly and efficiently is a must - can be a major headache.

Which is why turning to something so convenient as DISC may seem appealing, at least at first glance. 

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Going Digital: Why Getting Rid of Paper Accelerates Your Recruitment Process

The way companies recruit new employees is changing, thankfully! Gone are the days of being buried under paperwork and spending hours trying to prioritise CVs and cover letters, rejecting some because of spelling mistakes and typos and others because of an absence of essential skills and qualifications. Organisation has moved on also, which in this fast-paced world isn’t just useful, but essential. Candidates are not the only ones that need to impress anymore; companies do too; they have to show they are worth working for.

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Making Psychometrics Easy

It’s well known that personality matters in the workplace. Individuals thrive when working in environments that suit them and struggle in those that don’t. Picture the introvert that finds striking up conversations with strangers, for example, in a sales environment where they must interact with others all day every day – are they happy and productive? Probably not. Therefore, to get the most out of employees, it is essential to consider personality, and the best time to do that is before they start; recruit with it in mind. But how?

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Why E-Talent Can Help Whether You Have One Vacancy Or Hundreds

Every company is unique and as such so are recruitment requirements, with some companies advertising one vacancy every so often and others looking to fill multiple positions regularly. One size does not fit all and choosing the wrong recruitment option can work out very expensive. It’s thus important to calculate what’s most cost-effective for you and your company. The problem with recruitment agencies While recruitment agencies are great for taking the stress out of hiring, they can be very expensive.

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Fitting In With Your Culture: How To Find The Right Candidates

Workplace culture is what makes your company unique and sets it apart from your competitors. Having a strong positive culture based on your core values and beliefs is correlated with success and increases in productivity and profits, but only if your employees are a good fit. It doesn’t matter how suitable their skills and experience are; if they don’t work well in your environment, the likelihood of them achieving and staying in the long-term is slim. But, identifying those that will fit during the recruitment stage is a challenge – how do you know how someone will behave before you start

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Watch Out For 5 Changes To Employment Law In 2018

April 2018 was an important time for businesses with changes to employment law coming into effect. The big change everyone is talking about is the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which come into force on the 25th May. For employers this means, among many other tasks, reviewing contracts and issuing employees with updated privacy notices.

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