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Top 10 Job Search Mistakes

What are the worst job search mistakes you can make? Some major mistakes can halt your job search before it even gets going. Others are small mistakes that, given a competitive job market, can be enough to knock you out of contention for a job.
  1. Focus your search: there's no point wasting your time applying for jobs that you're not qualified for. It's a waste of time, energy, and effort. Instead, take the time to focus your job search and apply to jobs that are a match for your skills and experience.

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Minimising costly recruitment mistakes with personality tests

With on-line recruitment rapidly becoming the norm, the use of pre-employment personality tests as part of the screening process is becoming an essential element in recruiting new staff. But why is pre-employment testing so popular and why is it such an essential tool? For all businesses, whether large or small, the recruitment of staff is both a costly and time consuming activity.

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the difference between DISC and other Personality Tests

What's the difference between DISC and other Personality Tests?

Which test is best suited for recruitment? DISC or something more bespoke, take a look at what we think and why eTalent can help you.

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Recruitment - why sifting CVs is a waste of time and rarely finds the best candidates

In a sales meeting recently, I met a very capable and professional HR manager of a local further education college, let's call him Mr Smith. My intention was to promote our e-talent recruitment screening system which helps companies select the most suitable people for interview by automatically generating a ranked candidate shortlist by using a psychometric assessment. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that I was unlikely to be making a sale that day.

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Seven reason why sifting CVs for recruitment is bad for your health

At a recent networking event, I met a senior HR manager and, noticing that I was from e‑talent, he asked me what I did. “We’ve developed some software that helps companies select the best people for a variety of front-line jobs”, I said. “Ah, one of those devilishly clever “CV reading” systems, eh?”, he guessed. I was about to tell him all about our psychometric testing. But there was no stopping him, so he went on. “Yes, these systems can save a huge amount of time by weeding out the CVs of clearly unsuitable people.

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