Bring your Recruitment Process Up To Date with E-Talent

April 14, 2023

Psychometric Tests are an important part of any modern recruitment process. They are designed to help employers find out more about potential employees than they would ever learn from a CV, in a reliable and impartial manner.

They can be used by any company to test the intelligence, skills and personality of a candidate to see if they are a good fit for a job. Tests will also save you or your HR team having to read every CV you receive, you can simply read the ones that score best in testing.

Our tests explore a candidates ability to perform in a specific role and if their personality will fit with your business and other employees. It will even tell you how honest they are!

eTalent can provide your business with bespoke tests that will best fit the requirements of any vacancy you are looking to fill, giving you the perfect solution to your recruitment and retention headaches.

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