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But you can’t tell how caring someone is from their CV or an interview.

What if you could test every applicants’ personality before interview and eliminate the candidates who don’t have the right personality traits?

e-Talent’s recruitment software let’s you do exactly that. Candidates complete an online application including;

  • Personal details
  • Work history
  • Minimum qualification questions
  • Personality test designed for your role
  • Behaviour test designed for your role

You view an ordered list with the best candidates at the top. And anyone who doesn’t meet your minimum qualification requirements or who doesn’t fit the personality profile you need for your role, can be autorejected at the click of  button.

We beleive e-Talent’s software is uniquely suited to finding the best staff for businesses in the care sector. To prove it, we’re offering up to 50% off our normal pricing, depending on the number of employees in your organisation.


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