Celtic Football Club


Celtic Football Club exclusively engaged e-Talent, to produce and assess a large candidate group for the position of Office Manager. Celtic Football Club have in the past used traditional recruitment companies, and a variety of direct sourcing models – in this case they were attracted by the time, cost, and quality advantages of using e-Talent.


e-Talent designed an integrated candidate attraction and assessment process, with a single point of contact for the client. Our system also has the advantage of providing real-time progress to the client, so all stakeholders know exactly where the process is at any given time.

The first part of the process involved the attraction of a large and relevant candidate pool, and this part was handled by Origin RPM.

They began by composing an attractive, branded, job advert for Celtic – this was fully approved and endorsed by the client.

The advert was then broadcast through a number of on-line channels, including:

• Paid advertising through totaljobs.com, jobsite.co.uk, and reed.co.uk
• Niche advertising on sportscotland.co.uk
• Social media advertising through origin-rpm.com and associated media accounts – e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter
• Proactive search through LinkedIn and traditional networking targeting industry candidates and their peers.

Dealing with each in turn

totaljobs.com, jobsite.co.uk, reed.co.uk, sportscotland.co.uk

These adverts were available to run for the client for up to 28 days, but were so successful in attracting candidates that Celtic requested their closure after only 4 days. The number of candidates who applied through these channels was 306.

As with any client, we used our experience to ensure that not only the attractiveness of the advert, but also that the time of its posting was chosen to maximise audience, and therefore the response. The adverts were clear in terms of duties, candidate expectation, and requirements, and this ensured that the vast majority of applicants were job-relevant.

We offer numerous mainstream and niche advertising options to our clients – the sites chosen will be those that work for your company, and which will maximise your return on investment.

Origin-RPM.com, Social Media, and Networking

The same bespoke advert was published, with full branding, on the Origin-RPM website and then syndicated through a number of social media channels. Notable in this case is our Twitter network, but we also use the LinkedIn network and groups. The vacancy was targeted to the right people at the right time, in what is effectively a large-scale referral network. In normal circumstances, process would be on-going for 30 days, and we would expect this to be the source which provides the highest quality of candidates, if not the highest volume.

In the case of Celtic Football Club, the job was shared through our social media network to no fewer than 52,000 people – an astonishingly successful campaign which attracted 98 firm applications for the post, for a total of 404 applications overall.

All candidates were then processed by our e-Talent system, and this process is the next part of this study.


e-Talent is a job application, screening and psychometric assessment system which all applicants were required to complete. This allows non-suitable applicants to be rejected at source without the time consuming process of manually checking CVs. With Celtic, we found that this reduced total applicants (for 2 jobs) from over 400 to under 100. The remaining applicants were tested technically (skills) and psychometrically (personality) according to a number of set criteria. Please see the example below but note that real candidate client data has been obscured.

Most of our clients now use e-Talent for the time and quality benefits it brings to large processes such as this – it will cut down time spent on unsuitable applications by 60%, more in the case of a large-volume campaign such as Celtic’s, allowing you to focus on the candidates of most interest.

e-Talent includes an integrated candidate management system which all stakeholders have access to, in real time.

Unsuitable candidates receive an automatic note of regret at the appropriate stage, and you can view all new applications in real time.


The Celtic Football Club vacancy has been extremely successful venture for all stakeholders, and we have embarked already on a new project for the company.

We attracted over 400 applicants in 4 days, and through our integrated e-Talent system reduced that to 20 for full consideration. Celtic Football Club have found the ideal candidate at a fraction of the time and cost usually associated with a project like this. In using us again, they have confirmed the effectiveness and integrity of our process.


e-Talent is charged either on an Annual Licence (paid monthly) or on an all-inclusive fee per vacancy, in this case defined as per geographical area.

28 days advertising on totaljobs.com, jobsite.co.uk, reed.co.uk, Origin RPM and Social Media.
This includes advert composition and posting:

£999.00 plus VAT (All-inclusive fee)
From £200 plus VAT per month (Annual Licence)

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