Your Branded Portal

After signing up with eTalent, your own branded company portal will be made available, pre-populated with job roles which suit your business.

Hit the ground running

Full training is given to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing from word go. The system is simple and intuitive, everything you need is within a few clicks. Your branded candidate portal is available for applications from the moment you create your first job. Your company specific URL is all you need to start sending candidates to apply for your vacant positions.

Create new job

Creating a new vacancy is easy

Just log in to your portal and add a new vacancy. You can select a new job role from the drop-down list or simply copy the previous vacancy you advertised, if the roles are similar. If the new vacancy is for a brand-new role, we can create a new job type for you, designed to ensure qualified applicants exhibit the right personality and behavioural characteristics.

Manage multiple vacancies

There are no limits to the number of vacancies you can manage with eTalent. Using the pre-set job types, your vacancies will appear in your vacancy list, visible from your Control Panel or from the Jobs Tab. Vacancies can be active or inactive dependent on date making it easy to manage opening and closing dates for specific roles.


Test & Track Applicants

Why waste time checking qualifications on CV’s? eTalent scores every candidate to make sure they’re a good fit.

Qualification Questions

A simple interface makes it easy to create minimum qualification questions for your role. This means every candidate shortlisted by the system already meets your criteria. Any candidates who don’t meet your minimum standard will not be shortlisted and can be auto rejected with a click of a button.

job application system

Personality & Behavioural Testing

eTalent incorporates unlimited personality and behavioural testing for all applicants. Each job type compares applicants’ psychometric results against desired personality traits for the role. Each job role type has been created by professional psychometricians to ensure the best possible personality fit. Results are presented simply and are easy to understand with training provided.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

eTalent has a simple applicant tracking system which allows you to review, call for interview and auto reject candidates at the click of a button. You can use the pre-loaded email templates or create your own. It’s easy to view all applicants and see where they are in the application process. Candidates where action is needed will be highlighted. You can even send a job offer email, directly from the e-Talent system.


Review Top Applicants

Your candidate shortlist is created for you, in order of best to worst candidate.

Shortlisting candidates

eTalent’s system will present you with an ordered shortlist for candidates, colour coded with a traffic light system from green to amber to red, with the best candidate at the top. Good candidates are green with a ‘thumbs up’ symbol so it’s easy to see at a glance which applicants are best suited to the role. A precise percentage score shows finer detail. Each candidate’s application can be viewed in detail and action taken to reject or call for interview.


Personality & behavioural analysis

Each applicant has a personality and behavioural report as part of their application. This profile can be viewed in full for each applicant and scores are reflected in the candidate’s ranking for the job. eTalent uses DISC profiling, one of the leading psychometric tests in the world. The profile can also be outputted as a PDF report.

Full work history and standard CV

Reviewing CV’s is time consuming and often does little to indicate whether a candidate is suited to the vacancy or to the company. eTalent’s system is designed to extract all information from candidates without the need for a CV and also to test candidates against minimum qualification criteria and desired personality and behavioural traits. Candidates input work history directly into the system making review an easy process. CV’s can also be attached to the application, if desired.

CV work history

Full Reporting

Keeping track of applicants, vacancies and job offers is easy with e-Talent. With PDF reports, available on each candidate and unlimited users on the system, recruitment can be a transparent and inclusive process.

Unlimited Users

With eTalent you can add unlimited users to the system making it easy to involve other staff in the review and selection of suitable interview candidates. No need to email CV’s around the office, just ask your staff to log in and review shortlisted candidates. User’s can add notes to any applicant’s profile so opinions are gathered in one place.

new user

Report exporting

PDF reports can be exported for any applicant fully detailing their psychometric assessment, overall score and work history. Reports are branded with your company identity and are ideal for sending to colleagues who are out of office or are unable to access the eTalent system directly.

Data security and persistence

All applicant data is stored in the system indefinitely giving you a candidate bank for the future. If a new vacancy arises, reviewing previous applicants can be an excellent place to start. eTalent’s Recruitment Software is hosted on a secure server and your data is completely safe from cyber threats.

control panel overview of e-talent recruitment software