Game Changers in HR Tech

April 14, 2023

There is no doubt that technology and the internet have made a huge difference to HR departments. It has speeded up processes, increased efficiency, reduced the need for paper and enabled employees to access information and input personal data themselves, whether in or out of the office. HR departments are more integrated than ever with the rest of the business and, with large amounts of data and information at their disposal, they are central to making strategic business decisions. HR departments are evolving continually, and the rise in technology is ensuring that they are keeping up with business and employee needs. For example, with technology, monitoring and feedback processes are more real-time and potential issues are flagged up straight away. This puts HR staff in a better position to identify and deal with staff problems before they escalate, whether they are related to declining performance or health and welfare. Furthermore, increased proficiency in processes across HR potentially give staff more time to focus on what matters – your employees. And, employees that feel they are being heard are more likely to be happy and commit fully to your company. Recruitment game changers Candidate management systems (CMS) or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are some of the biggest game changers in HR. They have replaced slow manual processes and brought recruitment into the digital age. There are a variety on the market and what they do varies in complexity, but they can manage everything from posting job adverts and CV parsing, to identifying potential candidates and organising and storing candidate details. The ability to set-up automatic emailing, also makes keeping in contact with candidates quick and easy. How is e-Talent different? e-Talent’s intelligently designed CMS is unique and offers many benefits over other CMS’s. Firstly, it removes the need for CVs completely. So rather than having to either plough your way through a paper or electronic pile of CVs or rely on CV parsing to extract pertinent details, data are entered directly into the system by candidates. The application form is designed specifically with your role and company in mind so all information collected is relevant and entering it straight into the system reduces the chance that you will accept or reject candidates based purely on the presence or absence of specific keywords. Furthermore, e-Talent includes psychometric and behavioural testing as part of their CMS, which is extremely beneficial. It is well known that suitability for a role and how successful an employee is likely to be, is not just dependent on what previous experience they have or what skills they list on their CV. For some roles, especially those that require soft skills, it is much more down to a candidate’s personality and how they are likely to behave in certain situations. Many recruitment decisions are made on instinct or personal opinion, but when you consider that how much you like a candidate will probably not correlate well with how competent they will be in the job, and it seems a risky strategy. By including relevant psychometric tests early in the application process, e-Talent ensures that you hire the right person and not just the nicest person. And, it does so, without you having to spend time reviewing unsuitable applicants. Knowing your employee’s personality traits, strengths and weaknesses will also benefit you once they start work. Working with this information, you can ensure the work environment is optimised for them, which will increase productivity, and also if you have a team, you can organise it so everyone plays to their own strengths.