How Can You Retain Your New Recruits?

April 14, 2023

Get your recruitment process right and there is a good chance that you will end up with employees you want to keep. But, in today’s market, people move around more often and your best employees are likely to be in demand and approached by others. So, working out what you need to do to hold onto them is important. It will vary for every employee, but here are a few things to think about. Focus on creating a positive work environment You may or may not be able to give your employees exactly what they want in terms of pay rises and career progression but even so, there are things you can do to make your company seem more attractive than your competitors. For example, employees that are happy and relaxed at work are less likely to want to leave, so focus on making the work environment a positive one. Build a good rapport and show appreciation for the work they do; offering rewards can work wonders. Being adaptable to personal circumstances, and showing empathy and understanding where possible will also help to make employees comfortable and less likely to resent you. An important point to consider is that one of the main reasons good employees leave is because of bad experiences with supervisors or managers. Ensuring all your managers have had appropriate training and know how to manage teams effectively will prevent many good employees walking out the door. Maintain a good reputation Building a good reputation is just as important when it comes to retaining employees as it is for recruiting them in the first place. Having a better reputation than your competitors will help you to remind your employees that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side – why take a step down and move to a company that isn’t as good? Give them a purpose Employees tend to be more motivated if they feel they are contributing to something worthwhile or working towards a goal. Ensuring your employees know they are making a difference to your company and the work you do and letting them know how, should reduce boredom and keep them interested in progress. Setting goals and challenges will also give them something to work towards. Talk to your employees This may seem obvious, but if you want to know whether your employees are happy or thinking of leaving, ask them. If you know exactly what they want from their time with you will give you the scope to help them work towards their goals, but if you don’t know, you may end up losing them through a misunderstanding. Building a good rapport and relationship with trust, also means employees are more likely to approach you with issues and problems, giving you the opportunity to find a solution – regular performance reviews are ideal for this. Tailor opportunities to meet your employee’s needs Following on from the previous point, once you know what it is that motivates your employees, you are positioned perfectly to work out how to keep them. It maybe that they like and are constantly on the lookout for new challenges, it may be training and development, career progression and new opportunities or it could be something like more flexibility and a greater work-life balance. It could be anything, but once you know, you can put measures in place that ensure they are working towards their goals. To find out more about how e-Talent can help you employ candidates who are more likely to stay with your business, why not get in touch?