How eTalent Brings The Power Of Psychometrics To Any Business

April 14, 2023

Are you looking for a new employee? Do you fear the rush of CVs? Do you want to know that a candidate will share your work ethic and fit perfectly into your team before they’ve even started?

If so, you should consider taking advantage of eTalent’s unique online candidate management system that incorporates behavioural and psychometric testing.

Not only does our software fully automate the process and collate all candidates’ information into an easy to navigate system, but the use of a psychometric test early in the process means you only need to review candidates with real potential to find those select few for an interview, saving you time, money and effort.


What are psychometric tests?


Psychometric tests measure traits, values and habits that can’t easily be detected by looking at a CV.

Psychometric testing helps to gain an insight into a candidate by asking questions that are relevant to the reality of your vacancy. Although these assessments aren’t simple aptitude tests, you may choose to include aspects of verbal or numerical reasoning tests if relevant to your position.

Instead, they’re in-depth evaluations that give you access to a candidate’s work ethic, habits, mindset and personality byways of situational judgement tests, logical reasoning tests and personality tests. There are no right or wrong answers.

Personality is important in the workplace. Every manager would agree that they would prefer to hire someone motivated, goal-orientated, and dependable rather than someone who is qualified on paper but lazy and shows little desire to progress or contribute to the workplace.

Research confirms this idea and has shown that certain personality traits are correlated strongly with behaviour, work satisfaction, and success.

Therefore, it follows that testing personalities during the recruitment process and selecting candidates with traits suited to your company will improve your recruitment outcomes and increase the likelihood of new employees staying in the long term.


How does psychometric testing work?


Robertson and Smith, in their paper ‘Personnel Selection’ from the Journal for Occupational and Organisational Psychology, describe how personality is often categorised by using the Five-Factor Model (FFM). This model breaks personality into five broad dimensions; conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness to experience and subsequently into sub-factors.

Our psychometric tests aim to broadly cover all five of these areas, giving you a comprehensive and complete understanding of the person sitting behind the CV. Or, if a particular trait is more valuable or important to you and your organisation, we can tailor your testing towards that trait.

For example, conscientiousness, which measures integrity and the ability to be organised, dependable, and show self-discipline, is an attractive trait regardless of industry; candidates that score highly are more likely to be hard-working, responsible, and thorough.

However, other traits are more industry-specific. A sub-factor like Sales Attitude is an indicator that a candidate is excited by the thought of selling and that they relish the opportunities offered by sales. A candidate that scores highly in this area is likely to make a great salesperson. Testing for this trait could include elements of a verbal reasoning test.

Conversely, a sub-factor like Change Orientation can be important in more creative industries as it measures innovation and creativity. This gauges someone’s openness to change and flexibility.

However, it is more complicated than this, and researchers will emphasise different personality traits as the strongest indicators for job satisfaction and success. Factors such as cognitive ability, aptitude, and values, for example, are also important; we endeavour to include elements of numerical tests and verbal reasoning tests in our software.

Moreover, a candidate may have all the correct personality traits, but if their values do not match the company’s, then motivation to work is likely to be low and staff turnover high. That’s why our psychometric assessments aim to paint a picture of the person’s value system and character.


Why use eTalent?


It is possible to glean experience, skills, and values from CVs and interviews, but candidates’ personality is difficult to judge. Psychometric tests, however, are hard to fake and provide measurable, objective data that is extremely valuable to the recruitment process.

So, how can eTalent bring the power of psychometrics to your business?

Recruitment is a long, time-consuming process. Applicant tracking systems are common and enable you to manage your recruitment online, removing the paper trail and some of the hassle. Still, only eTalent offers tailor-made psychometric and behavioural testing as part of their online candidate management system.

Right at the start of the process, candidates are screened and evaluated by completing an online application that includes psychometrics. eTalent qualifies candidates against minimum criteria; unsuitable candidates are sent an automated rejection email, whilst successful candidates are assigned a personality test score and ranked by suitability.

All you need to do is log on and decide who you want to interview. A process that is made painless by eTalent. All information: CV, experience, psychometrics, and behavioural profile, are combined and displayed in one place, with the most suitable candidates placed at the top of the list. No more wasted time reviewing CVs and less time conducting unproductive interviews.

eTalent understands how time-consuming and frustrating recruitment can be. Our unique combination of psychometrics with online application management is designed to help you recruit the best staff possible, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on what matters most to your business.


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A great way to understand what kind of testing will work for you is by completing some practice psychometric tests, which you can find online.

Practice tests will help you streamline your priorities and help you interrogate your own needs in terms of an employee: who would be the ideal candidate for this job?

If you have any questions at all, get in touch, and our friendly team will be there to help you.