How eTalent Makes Finding the Best Candidate Easy

April 14, 2023

Finding the right candidate to fill a vacancy is not easy. It takes time and thought, but get it right and you will find your new employee fits right in and excels in their new role. Starting the process can be daunting, but with the right Candidate Management System (CMS) it doesn’t need to be. eTalent has over 20 years’ experience and understands and mitigates against common pitfalls and issues of conventional recruitment processes. eTalent saves you time and money by cutting out CVs, identifying potential candidates early on and by reducing the number of unproductive interviews you conduct.

Fully customised branded portal

Your brand is important, and with eTalent you get your very own branded portal that ensures your company is presented professionally throughout the entire process. All vacancies are created and managed using your portal, and there is no limit to the number you can have, giving you complete control over your recruitment needs. It is intuitive and easy to use, but full training is provided to ensure you get the most out of the software. And, furthermore, access can be given to as many people as you like, making opinions easy to source, which is essential when deciding who to hire – the decision shouldn’t come down to one person alone.

Qualifying candidates                 

With eTalent, CVs are a thing of the past. Once your vacancy is set-up on your portal, candidates access the application form using a link. Rather than simply uploading a CV and leaving the hard work to you, candidates answer a set of qualification questions and complete psychometric and behavioural tests, designed by psychometricians specifically for individual roles. Candidates that don’t meet criteria at this stage, for example those without a post-graduate qualification if that is a requirement, are automatically flagged up by the system and can be rejected with an email at the touch of a button. All results are presented simply, are easy to understand and are used to produce a rank that indicates how suitable each candidate is for your role. Those that rank highest are shortlisted to help you decide who to interview, and it is colour coded – green, amber or red depending on suitability.

Applicant tracking

eTalent’s portal means all your recruitment information is stored neatly in one place. And, it is backed up on a secure server where it is safe from loss and cyber-attacks. All candidate information is stored and is easily accessible, whether you want in depth details or a quick indication of their suitability. They can be easily tracked, reviewed, rejected or invited to interview by sending automated emails. eTalent really can take the stress out of recruitment. Candidate suitability is identified by qualification questions and psychometric tests straight away, meaning you don’t have to spend time reviewing every candidate, just those with potential. Contact us today if you would like to make CVs a thing of the past!