Learning about our Products

April 14, 2023

The newest member of our team became a ‘guinea pig’ this week and tried one of our psychometric tests to get a better understanding of how eTalent works.

She said:
‘I’ve never taken a psychometric test before and had little idea of what to expect.’

The test was true to her role and was taken under real conditions, asking questions about personal traits, likes and how you think others perceive you.

Taking less than ten minutes, and answered truthfully, she was amazed how insightful the results were and how much information a business would know about her characteristics and skills.

Not only does an employer find out where a potential employee’s strengths are but also how they would fit in with an existing team AND what they think they are good at, even if they’re not!

So much more than you would ever learn from someone’s CV.

Get to know the real person applying for your next vacancy with our recruitment software.