Psychometric Testing Recruitment: The Benefits

April 14, 2023

In our many years of observing the hiring process, one thing is clear – you can’t always trust what someone says on their CV.

A tweak here and there, a fabrication about their education or even a downright lie – it’s very common to find some level of untruth on what is often all you have to determine a candidate’s suitability.


What are the benefits of psychometric tests in recruitment?


What’s more, even if your job applicants look perfect on paper, there’s nothing to say that they’ll actually fit into the reality of your workplace. Qualifications and skills can only take you so far, and if your chosen candidate is a poor fit for your position it’s likely they’ll leave prematurely, creating additional hassle and expense for you.

The recruitment process is certainly changing – traditional recruitment methods are proving to be ineffective and with technology developing in the wake of a new online workplace, many organisations are turning to psychometric testing as a recruitment tool instead.


What are psychometric tests?


A psychometric test is an umbrella term for a wide range of testing that is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of a person’s personality traits and cognitive ability. These are evaluated through a mixture of personality tests and aptitude tests (such as numerical reasoning tests).

Depending on the role, you can also evaluate emotional intelligence levels and communication skills, both of which are crucial for succeeding in working closely with other team members.


How can you benefit from using psychometric tests in recruitment?


  • They’re more effective than traditional methods

Psychometric assessments simply give you a more accurate picture of the person behind the CV. CVs often focus on job history, education and skills and, while these aspects are important, they’re not always the best reflection of how someone will actually perform in the job.

Everyone is unique, and recruitment psychometric testing helps you learn more about the candidate’s abilities, how they process information, their emotional intelligence and what motivates them as an individual.

At eTalent, our psychometric tools have been developed over many years and we’ve established an effective system of normative testing which is designed to give you an accurate depiction of your candidate. Our psychometric tests aren’t simple IQ tests, nor just a personality test, but a series of dedicated normative testing that covers all the bases to predict job performance.

With all of these psychometric tools at your disposal, you’ll be in a much stronger position in finding the right person for the job and making informed hiring decisions.


  • They’ll save you time

Sifting through CVs takes time, effort and manpower. With eTalent’s online recruitment system, our software will automatically screen candidates for relevant experience and skills. Once your applicants have completed their psychometric tests and received their test scores, our system will be able to rank them in order of suitability for the position.

This is much quicker than having to individually screen each CV and physically compare them with one another.


  • They’ll save you money

What makes using psychometric tests beneficial is the ability to pick the right candidate first time. The hiring process can be costly, and even more so if you don’t employ the right person and have to do it all over again.


  • They help you identify leadership potential in your job applicant

By using psychometric testing, you’ll get a clear idea of the motivation and future goals of your candidate. This will help you determine whether the applicant intends to progress in your organisation, and if so, what kind of leadership style they’ll adopt.


  • They accurately test the general intelligence of your candidates

Psychometric tests incorporate an element of aptitude testing, ensuring that your candidate has the level of intelligence required for the role. This will help you determine elements such as how fast they’ll pick up new skills, and to easily compare scores between applicants.


  • They assist you in the interview process

Interview performance can vary depending on many factors, such as nerves or simply likeability. Both of these elements can skew how the candidate comes across to the employer.

With a psychometric test to complete at their leisure, you’ll have a more accurate impression of who the person is outwith of that high-pressure environment.


  • They help you establish a consistent standard throughout your organisation

If you use eTalent software for all of your hires, you’ll start to see harmony within your workforce. That’s because all candidates are evaluated using the same detailed methods, meaning a certain standard can be upheld. This creates a uniformity of quality throughout your organisation.


  • They can be tailored to your specific vacancy

At eTalent, our system is built bespoke to your needs. Whatever skills or traits are the most important to your job role, we can tailor the evaluations to your requirements. We also incorporate our portals with your colours, logo and any other branding.


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