predictive strength of selection criteria graph

Use the best tools

When searching for the right candidate to fill a vacancy it’s tempting to focus on age, experience and qualifications but these factors are not always the best predictors of a successful outcome. Interviews can often sway a recruiter to the candidate they liked the best, rather than the candidate who is the best fit for the job.

Robertson and Smith in their paper ‘Personnel Selection’ from the Journal for Occupational and Organisational Psychology proved that personality and behaviour are much better predictors for which candidate will succeed in a role.

Improving your ability to pick the best candidate means higher staff retention and less time spent recruiting so it’s highly valuable information for any business.

Personality & Behavioural Profiling

Personality and behavioural profiling lie at the heart of the eTalent system. Created by psychometricians, the tests within eTalent are based on the best psychometric models available and test personality and behaviour with multiple sub factors. Job profiles for a wide range of roles are available or can be created specifically for your business. Each job type compares applicants’ psychometric results against desired personality traits. Just select the appropriate profile for your vacancy.

And unlike many psychometric testing systems which charge per test, eTalent offers unlimited use as standard, meaning every applicant can be tested, no matter how many applications you receive, giving the best possible chance of finding the right person for the job.


Game Changer

eTalent’s Recruitment Software is unique in what it offers to the recruitment industry. While there are many applicant tracking systems on the market and a number of companies offering psychometric testing, no other system combines both services in one easy to use system for one low cost monthly.

It’s a game changer for recruitment, putting powerful tools in the hands of recruiters everywhere.