Recruiting Solutions FAQ

April 14, 2023

What are recruitment solutions?

Recruitment Solutions are tools designed to make finding suitable candidates for a job vacancy easier for your business. Their definition ranges from using a recruitment agency to special software designed to make your life easier when sifting through applications to applicant tracking systems.

In short, the primary intention of a recruitment solution is to make employers’ lives easier while simultaneously providing a smooth and easy experience for the applicant.

Why is recruitment hard?

Recruitment is notoriously challenging to get right. This is because the industry is oversaturated with eligible candidates who claim they’re the right fit for the job. The higher the volume of applicants, the easier it is to lose sight of precisely what you’re looking for, and the easier it is to miss the best candidates for the job.

The recruitment process has been reliant on sifting through CVs for too long. The truth is, a CV only gives you basic information about the candidates and provides you with nothing close to an accurate picture of the person behind it. Things get even messier when you realise that exaggeration and sometimes downright lying on a CV is extremely common.

Another difficulty that employers face is the sheer time, effort and concentration it takes to leaf through and compare CVs effectively. With so much paperwork, human error is inevitable, and you could miss out on a great candidate due to fatigue.

What are the most common recruitment problems?

Ultimately, the aim of an effective recruitment process is a successful, long term hire. Therefore, the biggest problem affecting the sector is that a business will go through the process only to end up with the wrong person for the job. This person might not have the soft skills necessary to perform well, have poor communication skills or not fit in with the rest of the team or their clients.

This speaks to the outdated and muddy hiring process that is too reliant on vague claims or formulaic information provided on a CV or in an application.

This can lead to the employee either being dismissed or just leaving the job prematurely. And here comes the worst part; you’ll have to start the whole process all over again.

How do you provide solutions to recruitment problems?

At eTalent, we have a detailed knowledge of all the pitfalls of the hiring process. In response to this, we’ve developed our very own recruitment solution that counters these issues as well as provides you with an easy and stress-free way to get it right the first time.

We harness the power of psychometric testing to give you an insight into the person behind the CV. By asking the most productive questions designed to accurately reflect the real skills and personality type needed to succeed in the position, you can be sure that the candidate isn’t hiding behind a vague or fictitious CV.

Our software lets you get specific about the kind of person you’re looking for, whether your vacancy requires innovative leaders or great team members. The software will then rank the candidates on suitability for the position, allowing you to view and compare your applicants with ease.

So, what is the best recruitment process?

There is a range of recruiting solutions for the perfect hire available in today’s market. Each claims to make the recruitment process easier, more efficient and more effective. With so many avenues available that all claim to be solutions to recruitment problems, it can be challenging to cut through the noise and figure out the best approach for your company.

eTalent offers an all in one recruiting solution which takes care of everything from the initial job posting to shortlisting candidates to arranging interviews and sending out rejection emails. All at the touch of a button.

Are recruitment agencies good?

Using a recruiting service can be a good idea, as it can undoubtedly save you time and money when looking for a suitable candidate. However, it is important to keep in mind that an external recruiter is not an employee of your company, so they might not accurately represent your values, vision, and culture. For a recruiter to know what you want in an employee, large amounts of consultation and coordination are required.

Recruiters cannot read minds, so there is often a disconnect between what you want and what they think you want.

It should also be noted that recruiters will often try to push for a hire whether the candidate is ideal for the job or not. This could lead to inaccurate information being shared and even external assistance to make the candidate seem more attractive, such as professional CV writing.

Do you provide recruiting solutions for small businesses?

Yes. Our services are easy to use, help you maximise time and can be accessed anywhere with a working internet connection. Hence, they are well suited to small businesses with a limited workforce supply.

What are your tips for improving the recruitment process?

For a recruitment process to work, it’s essential that you know and understand exactly what you’re looking for in an employee. It’s a good idea to sit down and consider all of the required factors, not just the surface level qualifications and skills we’ve been conditioned to set so much store by. Consider your company culture, what values are most important to you as a worker, and the personality type needed to thrive in your organisation.

The clearer and more specific you get, the more you’ll benefit from our specialist software.

Can you use staffing solutions if you work from home?

Yes. Because our software is entirely online, you’ll be allowed easy access to the portal no matter where you’re based.

If you have any more questions, please contact us today for more information.