Seeing The Wood For The Trees With ATS Systems

April 14, 2023

From writing the perfect job description, to posting the job advert, reviewing CVs, and conducting interviews, recruiting the ideal candidate takes time, resources, and money. Competition is high and for each job posting you could be left with hundreds of CVs to sieve through.

But, with so much incoming information, how do you extract the useful details and separate good candidates from bad. Sit down with a cup of tea and tackle the ever-growing CV pile one by one, or use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? They are not a new thing, ATS’s have been around for a while now, but they are becoming increasingly common and are integral to many companies’ recruitment processes.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Put simply, ATS’s are software that enable companies to manage their entire recruitment process online. They can be utilised to post job descriptions in multiple locations at once, such as company websites and job boards, which helps to increase your advertising reach, and in turn improves your chances of finding that perfect employee. Not everyone who is right for the role will apply, however, but ATS’s offer the perfect solution, as they can be linked to social media profiles, like LinkedIn, giving you the opportunity to conduct targeted searches for potential candidates.

All data collected are stored in a central, easily accessible, database that can be searched for keywords, essential skills and experience, making your search more focused, quicker, and easier. With an ATS, candidates can be screened, rejected, and contacted with minimal involvement from you. Whilst all ATS’s are different and customised for your needs, most will offer CV parsing, removing the need for reams of paper or overflowing email inboxes.

e-Talent goes one step further, however, and removes the need for CVs altogether. Candidates enter data straight into application forms, and with every candidate answering the same questions, comparisons are easy to make.

The benefits of ATS

So, what are the benefits of utilising an ATS? ATS’s are mutually beneficial, and improve the recruitment process for both you and your prospective candidates. The candidate benefits from a well-managed, seamless process; applications are easy to access and can be completed on all media, from anywhere. The ability to set-up automatic sending of emails means they are kept up to date and not left wondering. They know their application has been received, and if initial screening indicates incompatibility they can be sent a rejection email. This is not just friendly however, as a well-handled recruitment process is important for your company and helps to maintain your brand, image, and reputation.

For you, the employer, benefits are vast. Utilising an ATS will enable you to keep track of your recruitment, which will help to keep your recruitment on track and stop the process dragging on for longer than you intended. Furthermore, the automation reduces your admin, saving time, resources, and money.

The initial screening of candidates – which, with e-Talent extends to psychometric and behavioural testing – separates those with potential from those without. Candidates are ranked based on how they score against customised criteria, and the searchable database enables you to easily identify the pertinent details, helping you to see the wood for the trees.