What our clients are saying about eTalent

Our clients rave about eTalent’s innovative platform and advanced assessment tools, which have significantly improved their recruitment processes and led to better quality hires. They appreciate the seamless experience, customized assessments, and exceptional support provided by the eTalent team.

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Let our customers speak for us.

"We all know that nine out of ten times the person who comes for an interview is not the same person who comes to work for you! I’ve worked really hard to get the right team in place and create a positive environment and culture for the team to work and develop, but this can make it more difficult to recruit as you become quite protective of the existing team dynamics. As much as we require our staff to have the appropriate experience and qualifications, I think attitude and personality are extremely important factors, everything else can be taught at the end of the day. eTalent allows me to gain insight into a person’s attributes and personality based on key factors selected by me which are relevant to a particular role. I can easily decide whether it is worth our time interviewing someone based on information you just can’t get by reading a CV. I also don’t have to spend the same amount of time scrolling through countless CVs which are all pretty much the same – I can see at a glance who has the right experience and attributes to be a good potential fit for our team, and then I also get tailored interview questions to help find out even more about the candidate."
Hannah Campbell, Partner
TaxAssist Edinburgh East
"Using eTalent’s Recruitment Software has halved the amount of time we take to process and read CV’s. We now only need to look at CVs where people have the right profile for the job – this means that we are using our time much more effectively and are interviewing better people for the posts available. The system is extremely easy to use, both from an applicant’s point of view and also an employer’s perspective. I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone running a business – large or small."
Andrew Bourke
Absolutely HR
One of our partners recommended eTalent to us, so we decided to try the system in our recruitment process. We were surprised how quickly and easily e-talent ranked our candidates in order of suitability and we selected the seven top candidates for interview. The system is very easy to use and we also received great feedback from our candidates which is very important to us because they are all our potential customers. We will not hesitate to unreservedly recommend eTalent to all STABILO partners or any other business – large or small.
Before we started using eTalent, we used to recruit ‘nice’ people. Now, we employ ‘competent’ people – but they are nice as well! Going around visiting our stores, it has become very clear to me that since we started using eTalent, the quality of the new people we are now recruiting is far better than before.
Lynn Bradbury, Director
Retailmap Ltd
The short-listing of candidates was excellent. We used to interview 3 times as many people to find one suitable person; now the hard choice is which of the short-listed candidates do we NOT offer a position to!
Paul Sellers, Service Manager
Konecranes Ltd
The eTalent system proved to be seamless and very intuitive to use, and was excellent at showing which candidates would potentially be the best, and as it turned out, it was right. The whole process has been a resounding success. Our client is very happy with the system, which means we are too. I found it a real pleasure to use. We would have no hesitation in using eTalent’s services again as they are now proven.
Simon Morgan, Director
House of Morgan
I found the eTalent recruitment portal to be a very useful means of assessing the respective merits of applicants against predetermined criteria, enabling us to identify those appearing to be most realistic. The site also generated useful reports to aid in the initial process of selecting candidates for interview. The service was very cost-effective and I would be happy to use it for future recruitment assignments and to recommend it to others.
Mike Hayes, Head of HR
Celtic Football Club