Why e-Talent Analyses Behaviour As Well As Personality

April 14, 2023

Great employees are at the core of successful companies, but what makes an employee great is not down to skills and experience alone, it depends on personality and behaviour. For every company and job role there are a set of desirable traits; do you need an outgoing, dominant employee that will take the lead in situations, that is open to taking risks, and works well under pressure or do you need an employee with an ability to listen to others and a high attention to detail? A candidate with conflicting traits may get bored, lack motivation or be continually pushed outside their comfort zone and expected to complete work they find stressful or don’t necessarily enjoy. Possess the desirable traits, however, and your new employee is likely to thrive, and happy employees are more productive and should stay with you in the long-term.

No Surprises

Understanding how a candidate will behave in your company prior to employment is clearly beneficial and will help to avoid nasty surprises when they turn up on the first day behaving in a way you didn’t expect, but it can be difficult to deduce. Everyone can look good on paper. CVs are well thought out and reflect the side of the candidate they want you to see. Therefore, getting to know them during the recruitment process can be challenging and down to one nerve-filled interview, in which you assess behaviour, but behaviour is adaptable and all candidates are trying to show their best side. Psychometric tests, that examine personality traits such as extraversion, allow companies to gain invaluable insights into potential candidates, but e-Talent goes one step further and analyses behaviour.

Behavioural Testing

Behavioural tests analyse parts of the personality that drive behaviour and assess how someone is likely to behave at work, how they respond to stress and pressure, and will determine their workplace preferences. By incorporating behavioural testing into your recruitment process you can determine whether you are hiring someone who works independently and is a good leader or someone who needs a lot of direction and management; you can also assess how they make decisions and communicate. Used effectively, behavioural tests will highlight whether a candidate will flourish or struggle in the job role and work environment, which puts you are in a strong position to make strategic, unbiased decisions on who to hire. The first step is to identify behavioural traits that are integral to the job role and company. You may already know the answer, but if not carrying out behavioural tests on strong existing employees will provide insight and highlight desirable traits. Behavioural tests are an invaluable part of a balanced recruitment process and provide an external view of a candidate, which enables you to move away from hiring candidates based on bias and assumptions. Every candidate completes the same tests, so comparisons are easy, especially with e-Talent as all information – skills, experience, psychometric and behavioural tests – is stored in one location. Why not contact e-Talent today and find out how we can help your recruitment process?