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Why you need to bring Digital Transformation to your recruitment process

One of the biggest effects on workplaces of Covid-19 has been the need to rapidly re-engineer physical, often paper-based, work processes to accommodate the new largely work-from-home ‘blended workplace.

Where once colleagues would send each other physical documents, they and their employers have had to find digital ways of moving that data around because they’re no longer in the same physical space.

The idea of ‘Digital Transformation’ has been around for many years, but Covid-19’s disruption of conventional processes has made the need to adopt it more urgent as the ability of businesses and organisations to carry on delivering their everyday functions in order to stay in business has suddenly come into sharp focus.


Last week a report by Addleshaw Goddard, in partnership with the University of Strathclyde’s Fraser of Allander Institute, reported the use of technology and adoption of digital innovation within Scottish businesses has “accelerated at an extraordinary level in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The latest figures indicate the shift in attitude towards the need for inclusive tech systems, infrastructure and future-proofed planning to enable business continuity and economic growth.

More than 500 Scottish-based businesses across industries including healthcare, financial services, accommodation, transport, construction, and manufacturing responded to the survey, which was conducted in July.

Key findings indicate the majority of organisations have adopted new technology to provide their goods and services, with a large proportion expecting these changes to be permanent.

Key findings

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 73% of businesses said the pandemic has encouraged them to adopt new technology to provide their goods and services
  • 81% of large businesses said they had accelerated digital plans, with 54% having introduced them
  • 66% of SMEs said they had accelerated digital plans, with 34% having introduced them already
  • 93% of firms said the changes will be permanent

David Anderson, Corporate Partner at Addleshaw Goddard, said: “The acceleration of tech and digital innovation within the Scottish business community has been monumental…the survey results also reveal the fast-forward button that has been pushed on digital transformation at board and governmental level. For most companies, technology is no longer a choice – it is imperative in order to survive. Many organisation leaders are aware they need to become more tech-savvy, but what we want to drive home is that business models that have been adequate for decades should now consider a tech-focused future.”

Graeme Roy, Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute, added: “Businesses and decision-makers need to review the balance between human and tech interactions to achieve the best outcomes and progress as we’re presented with new digitally enhanced opportunities.”

Need to ‘completely reinvent HR’

This need to digitally transform in order to survive and prosper is recognised beyond Scotland and with the HR sector.

Last month Mark A. Goodburn of KPMG was interviewed on the BBC News Channel about it. He said employers must start to consider digital transformation from “recruitment to retention”.

The KPMG 2020 HR Pulse Survey in July/August this year found the majority of organisations will see their workforces change “shape” dramatically over the next two years. “To deal with these changes, more than two-thirds of HR executives (69%) believe the HR function needs to completely reinvent and transform itself to respond more effectively,” it says.

“HR must swiftly transition from putting out the fires of the immediate impact of COVID-19 and its aftermath and switch to playing the long game of shaping the workforce of the future for their enterprises. But this switch requires new mindsets, skills and priorities,” said Robert Bolton, Head of Global People and Change Center of Excellence, KPMG International.

“Lasting impacts, including the fact that nearly 40 percent of employees will continue to work remotely and perhaps others in a hybrid model of attendance, means that a new reality has to be contended with. The pandemic has presented HR with a significant opportunity to transform not just the function, but the enterprise itself.”

Adapt or Die

We agree. The most adaptable firms will survive and thrive. Embrace digital technology or see your organisation risk its very existence.

Most immediately, any recruitment process which cannot efficiently handle the tsunami of digital job applications from people made unemployed this month and next as the Furlough scheme scales back and ends will choke. And that will slow to snail’s pace any recruitment vital for the bounceback of your business or organisation.

Any human intervention in the first stages of the recruitment process will simply choke under the weight of the numbers involved. Interviewee selection based on sifting CVs will take too long – why our Founder and MD Nik Talent told The Scotsman AI needs to replace the CV.

A Digital Solution NOW!

Mark Goodburn of KPMG was talking about considering future solutions. eTalent is delivering the class-leading one for SME clients TODAY – using AI-drive psychometrics on our web platform to help them find the people whose personality best suits the role in seconds.

The key ways eTalent enables you to digitally transform your recruitment process TODAY:

  • eTalent identifies the best-suited applicants early on, displaying them in an at-a-glance dashboard
  • eTalent automatically creates your Interview Shortlist in 3 seconds!
  • eTalent shows how each candidate scored on pre-qualification questions and if that skill is critical for the job
  • eTalent also shows the candidate’s DISC profile – to help you asses team fit. You also see a list of general behavioural characteristics for each candidate.
  • eTalent also gives candidates the option to record a two minute video for you to view
  • Acknowledgements and rejections are automatically emailed to candidates by the system

Digital transformation is now a necessity. Bring it to your recruitment process now or face the danger of critical hiring delays which may endanger the future of your business or organisation.

eTalent was founded by Nik Plevan in 2009 to give businesses access to an effective, easy, simple and affordable recruitment tool which includes personality and behavioural profiling.

Its goals are to:

  • Identify the most suitable people, as early in the recruitment process as possible
  • Cut out time wasted screening CVs
  • Reduce the number of unproductive interviews.

Go here for information about its features.

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