Why You Need to Pay Attention to Rejections

April 14, 2023

As a recruiter, you will likely spend more of your time delivering bad news to unsuccessful candidates than good news to successful ones. This is not an easy or fun job and it can be tempting to overlook this part of the process, but make time for it and everyone will benefit, not just your candidates. Build a good reputation No one likes to be ignored and not letting unsuccessful candidates know that they didn’t get chosen for a role puts your company and brand at risk of a bad reputation. With social media, bad news travels fast and negative feedback related to candidate treatment is no different – it won’t take long for word to spread that you don’t treat job seekers with respect. Consider that your perfect employee is probably researching your company before applying, and is thus likely to come across any feedback from employees and applicants, negative responses could prevent them approaching you for a job.  Furthermore, they could evolve into rumours about employee treatment and your working environment in general, which won’t just put off potential applicants but could also dissuade potential clients. Building a good reputation is good for business, and will encourage high quality candidates to apply in the future. Think of the future Just because a candidate isn’t the right choice for you now, it doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future after a bit more experience and time with another company. A bad experience first time round and there is little chance they will want to come back. But a positive experience, on the other hand, and they may keep you in mind and apply again in the future.  Rejected candidates could also end up working for your competitors or clients and positive experiences with your company will pave the way to strong and successful relationships and partnerships. The nice thing to do Whether just starting out or changing job or career entirely, job hunting is hard and can be difficult to handle; consider that every candidate that applies for your role has spent time and effort on their application to your company. Sending a rejection letter may not seem like a priority for you, but for the individual, it can prevent stress and reduce time spent wondering – did they receive my application, why haven’t I heard, I wonder if I got the job. Inform candidates early on and they put your company out of their mind and move on to other things. How e-Talent can help With e-Talent you can auto reject candidates who don’t meet your criteria with the click of a button. A pre-drafted, personalised email is sent to the candidate giving them a good impression of your company. You can even reject multiple candidates in one go. It makes doing the right thing the easy option. To find out more about e-Talent and how we can help your recruitment process visit our product features section.