How Can Online Recruitment Help You?

April 14, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many of us abandoning the office for our kitchen tables, spare rooms and studies. Many companies made a mass move to a more digitised workplace culture where most of their employees were working from home. For many, this shift has stuck even as we come to the end of the pandemic.


Online recruiting: What you need to know


But it’s not only the way that we work that’s shifting. As the online world develops, the recruitment process changes to capture this new development and update the hiring process to reflect more modern times.

Enter online recruitment

Gone are the days when it was commonplace to sift through dozens manually, sometimes hundreds, of physical CVs – many of which don’t even fit the job description. Of liaising with recruitment agencies, many of whom are working for themselves. With so many factors involved, and so much room for error, you’ll likely end up missing great candidates in the process.

With technology developing constantly, new solutions are continually becoming available to alleviate the pressure of the hiring process for both job seekers and employers. Using a dedicated online recruitment system like eTalent is faster and more efficient and actually much more effective in finding that perfect candidate.

But let’s start with the basics; what is online recruitment?


What is online recruitment, and how is it changing?


Online recruitment (also known as e-recruitment or internet recruiting) is a collective term for the actions your business can take using all the internet-based resources at your disposal. Posting job ads on your website, job boards, social media or a third-party website would be examples of online recruitment methods.

However, technology is developing further, and it’s becoming more and more common to use a dedicated cloud-based online recruitment system to aid with the hiring process.

A recruitment system takes the above methods (and many more) and allows you to execute and monitor their progress all in one place. The system is accessible from anywhere, on any computer with an internet connection, creating a smooth and easy experience and a much more efficient and effective one.


Online recruitment advantages

  • A larger pool of potential candidates

Working online simply allows you to reach people much more effectively and thoroughly. No matter where your ideal candidate is, as long as they have a working internet connection, they’ll be able to connect with you.

  • Save time by easily matching skills

Recruitment software has in-built mechanisms that can scan and check each potential employee and determine whether their skills and experience match your vacancy. This is much faster and easier than having to sift through each application individually.

  • Get to know the person behind the CV

At eTalent, we believe that it’s not just skills and experience that matter. You might find that a highly qualified candidate on paper does not fit in with your workplace culture at all – resulting in their premature departure.

To find the best applicant for the job, it’s crucial to get an insight into the real person who sits behind the qualifications. As software becomes more sophisticated, more and more companies are looking to psychometric testing to determine the right person for the job.

eTalent has spent many years developing our patented normative testing systems, which allows individuals to be compared to other employees who have met with success or failure in a job. This helps managers to predict which candidates will have the best chances of success if hired or promoted and to get to know the true personality of the applicant.

  • Straightforward interface

Our systems are user-friendly and accessible. Your portal will be designed with the employer brand in mind, including logos, colours and any other branding you identify with.

  • Eliminates human error

Having to shuffle through CV after CV is tiring, and mistakes can be made. Using our recruitment system makes sure you don’t miss out on a single great candidate.

  • Cost-effective

Internet recruiting requires less time and effort for you and your staff to sort through qualified candidates and is, therefore, less expensive overall. And with the amount of time you’ll save finding the right person the first time, the software essentially pays for itself.


Why use eTalent recruitment software?


At eTalent, our web developers build all-in-one online recruitment software specifically for your company and its job openings. Our recruitment experts tailor-make bespoke tools to make finding the perfect candidate a breeze.

Our software allows you to keep on top of everything in one place, from your job postings to potential candidates to acceptance and rejection emails. If you choose, candidates will be invited to participate in our psychometric testing, which will give you an insight into the real person behind the CV.

Based on their results, the software will then rank the candidates to allow you to determine the best person for the job.


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